The 10 things you must do when you're visiting the Treffpunkt Foto Gallery or participating in one of our workshops:

1. Visit the Wasserkraft Museum

The Wasserkraft Museum in Ziegenrück in unique in Germany. Here you learn the history and the technology behind generating eco-friendly energy from water. For the children there are hands-on demonstrations and twice a day you can experience "thunder and lightning" a high voltage demonstration that features amongst others the Tesla coil.

2. Canoeing on the Saale

The Saale Cascades are great for canoeing. Experience fantastic views of the mountains around you and brave the waters of the Saale (which are actually quite calm). Be one with nature and experience amazing scenery.

3. Hiking

That's what we are famous for, great hiking paths with breathtaking views of the Saale Valley. You can spend your entire vacation simply experiencing all the well marked hiking paths around the area.

4. Mountain Biking

If you like it a little more adventurous, the hiking paths around the Saale Valley are also perfect for mountain biking. Bring your bike and get going….but expect to put in some energy to conquer the mountain paths of the area.

5. Visit the Poetenstube

Like storytelling? Visit the Poetenstube, our local poets' hangout for an entertaining evening of poems, skits and funny stories.

6. Karneval

The Ziegenrück Karneval is celebrating it's 30th year this year. Time to come out and be part of it and you will find out that small town means big carnival.

7. Paddle Boat

On a nice warm summer day, renting a paddle boat or rowboat is just the thing in Ziegenrück. Relax on the waters of the Saale.

8. Taste the Food

You can't visit Thüringen and not try our food, I think that would be agains some law or regulation. Visit our many restaurants for Thüringer Rostbrätl, Bratwurst or some delicious fresh seafood from our many lakes. And of course, do not forget to order a beer with your meal, we have the coldest and the best.

9. Visit the Lakes

Ziegenrück lies right in the middle between two large lakes (the Bleiloch to the South and the Hohenwarte to the North). Those are two destinations that you have to put on your list of things to see while visiting us. Take a boat tour on the Hohenwarte or go sailing on the Bleiloch and if that is not enough…. there are a thousand more lakes waiting for you just a few kilometers away in the Plothen area, called "the land of a thousand lakes"

10. Ziegenrück Bergrennen, Ziegenrück Wandertag, Promenadenfest

We do not want you to be bored while visiting us, so during the vacation season, there are plenty events for you to participate in or just watch. The Ziegenrück Bergrennen is a great event for lovers of classic cars, you will see more than a hundred taking on the mountain road in Ziegenrück. If you love hiking, we have a special day where you can take guided tours around the area with local guides. And at the Promenadenfest, the Saale Promenade offers 3 days of activities, good food and drink, displays from local artists and more.

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